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Cell phone holder made for Ford Bronco Dash

Cell phone holder made for Ford Bronco Dash


  • Easy release tech - press button on the back to release the phone
  • Includes a long 10" arm so you can hang your tablet over the edge of dashboard
  • Very safe and stable on potholes. 
  • Adjustment and tightening knob
  • Perfect for viewing movies with kids in the back with handing/floating from the dashboard
  • Extra long arm to swing or hang your tablet from the edge of dashboard
  • Phone clip/holder fits regular phone or it can be extended to fit a big tablet/ipod
  • It has a 1/4 screw at the end to fit the original Bronco mounting
  • To expand to a tablet - YOU MUST PRESS a button located on top of the clip. Press to extend and press to contract and put it in original position

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