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2022 Rivian R1T, R1S, R2 decals and stickers & Graphics

Rivian R1T, R1S, R2  Accessories, Graphics and decals

Decals, stickers and body graphics for 2022 Rivian electric pickup truck or SUV here. 
  • Decals are Made out of Automotive professional grade Oracal 651 and 3M 2080 / Controltac Vinyl - die cut on professional plotter
  • Lasts 6 years / UV coated/protected
  • Rivian decals are just some first time mod accessory that any owner can put on the car at affordable price
  • Its a most capable electric off road pickup truck on the market with battery pushing the car with grace. Vehicles made by Rivian Automotive have quad motors, independent air suspension, an intelligent battery management system, a hydraulic roll control system, and a thermal system
Vortex Signs offers only professional grade and precision decal kits for DIYers and professional body shops. From Hood graphics, hood stripes to body line graphics, side door stripes, badges, emblems, reflective stickers sill plates, trunk and bumper stickers, door inserts, fender has stripes, quarter panel decals with very unique designs. All new kits.  We also offer custom graphics to your likings. Just let us know what you need. 

Seasonal discounts coming soon.


Door cup anit scratch paint protection film - 3 sizes Door cup anit scratch paint protection film - 3 sizes
New -25 %
Clear PPF (paint protection film) that protects your paint around your door handles from nail scratchesDoor handle finger nails protector Precut protection against light scratches, kids fingernails, car keys and others3 different sizes depending on your door handle styleIt should fit most cars ..
$21.00 $28.00
SKU: VS995
Any car windows chrome delete kit for DIY people that want to do it at home2" wide, small roll of vinyl customized to your length - pick from choices belowMeasure how much vinyl you need and pick from the listDecals are Made out of 3M 2080 wrap material (BEST ON THE MARKET)DRY INSTALL - you may need..
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